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Wed Jul 11 12:14:13 PDT 2001

> DocBook formatted Book.  The book will cover everything ALFS related, with
> sections on using it, developing it, and writing profiles.

OK, Jesse (HIghoS) has made the observation that it whould be a good idea to
have 2 books.  One for users, and one for developers (including profile
writers)  He's gonna reply here, but I'll sumarize.

> 	- Preface
> 		Brief who/what/where/when/how
> 	- Chapter 1:  Intoduction to ALFS
> 		More in depth what it does, Where to get it, How it works
> 	- Chapter 2:  Installing and Using ALFS
> 		Detailed Install instructions and hints as to what
> whould approach the
> functionality of a recent distro.  I.E what profiles to choose, app/system
> configuration hints for workstation/server models

The above whould be in the "Users Guide"  Below whould be in the "Developers
Manual" with a different preface and Intro

> 	- Chapter 3:  Writing Profiles
> 		How to write good profiles (duh)
> 	- Chapter 4:  ALFS Development
> 		Inside ALFS IPC, arguments of design, how the Boot CD works
> 	- Appendix A:  Detailed Profile Syntax
> 		Mostly what is in syntax.txt right now
> # ---End of proposal---



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