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Wed Jul 11 10:46:52 PDT 2001


	Well, I'm starting to transition the profile syntax into the framework of a
DocBook formatted Book.  The book will cover everything ALFS related, with
sections on using it, developing it, and writing profiles.  Keep in mind
that much of what is below will depend on what is done developmentwise.
Basicaly Appendix A content is ~90% done and Chapter 2 & 3 will be the next

	Whithout further ado, here is my initial proposal for the chapter/content

	- Preface
		Brief who/what/where/when/how

	- Chapter 1:  Intoduction to ALFS
		More in depth what it does, Where to get it, How it works

	- Chapter 2:  Installing and Using ALFS
		Detailed Install instructions and hints as to what whould approach the
functionality of a recent distro.  I.E what profiles to choose, app/system
configuration hints for workstation/server models

	- Chapter 3:  Writing Profiles
		How to write good profiles (duh)

	- Chapter 4:  ALFS Development
		Inside ALFS IPC, arguments of design, how the Boot CD works

	- Appendix A:  Detailed Profile Syntax
		Mostly what is in syntax.txt right now

# ---End of proposal---

	Ok, it's out there.  What do ppl think?


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