ALFS from scratch

Felipe de Jes ús Contreras Garza revo at
Tue Jul 10 21:39:38 PDT 2001

>===== Original Message From Jesse Tie Ten Quee <highos at> =====
>On Sun, Jul 08, 2001 at 10:58:30PM -0600, Felipe Contreras wrote:
>> Ok, how good my scripts need to be in order to be noticed?
>I have no idea :)

hmmm, cool.

>That's one the hardest things todo, to gain users and attention, if you
>can do that, well...

I'll try.

>> How are you going to change XML profiles into installed packages?

With Pearl scripts it is not so hard to execute shell commands, but you need 
to think if it's possible to do a "./configure --prefix=/usr" directly with c 
or c++. I'm sure it's posible but you need to think on that on what problems 
can come. That's a reason why when I think on doing a "./configure" must be 
done with bash, and the way to get a "./configure" but be with a C parser from 
a XML profile. KISS.

>.From the sounds of it, you haven't actually tried ALFS yet, so i'll
>point you out to this article;

I just heard pearl, xml, unmantained, dropped, and I didn't mind to try them.

>> I think XML should be used in ALFS exaclty the same as it is used in the
>> book.
>> XML becomes HTML, TXT, PDF, or whatever, but the user doesn't need openjade
>> nor any of the necesary tools, the user can download the formated book and
>> nothing special is needed. So in ALFS we can have XML profiles that get
>> converted
>> into usable bash scripts that could work perfectly by themselves without
>> anything special.
>uh..what would be the point of that? :)
>Id prefer to just maintain them in _one_ format, not needed to convert
>them..but anyways.
>Anyways... we have agreed (afiak, anyways ;) that we are sticking with
>XML and the way we are doing things now, please check the last two
>months of the mailing list archives for details. (there were a few ppl
>working on a summary of what was discussed not too long ago, not sure if
>they finished it thou)

I've read most of the mails on the alfs ml, I just don't think the same.

I was thinking on the speed and future on the project, but I'll not mention 
anything more.

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