Corey Cox sleepnir at
Mon Jul 9 09:00:51 PDT 2001

"Lederrey Guillaume" <GLederrey at> wrote:
>   Hi !
>   I've done some work on the summary.  It is still far from finished (You
> write so much on this ML !).  Again, I'll be glad to have feedback, and
> correct it as soon as I have time ...
>   Thanks for the feedback I have already had.  I didnt include the
> corrections yet, but it will be done !

Looks great Guillaume!  Some of us were hoping to have the messages that you
pulled particular parts of the summary from listed with them.  I realize that
could be quite a bit of duplicate work for you now.  If you don't object I,
and others I'm sure, could help to add those links in there.  But if you would
rather do it all yourself - that would be great too.  Let me know.

Corey Cox.
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