ALFS from scratch

Corey Cox sleepnir at
Mon Jul 9 08:51:37 PDT 2001

"Felipe Contreras" <revo at> wrote:
> > But, using bash shell scripts, isn't something the official ALFS
> > implementation is going with, instead we are going with XML Profiles :)
> I think bash shell scripts are going to be needed at some point. I think
> shell scripts can
> do the job completly, so why anything else?, do the things as simple as you
> can, and no simpler.

We had a really long discussion about this not too long ago - probably
covering the same reasons that you see - here is the thread:

Re: moving on   --start with this message and then search for related.  There
is a _lot_ of material about this discussion.

Please read these and related threads in the archive before responding.  It is
futile for us to keep going over the same ground.

Corey Cox.
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