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Felipe Contreras revo at
Sun Jul 8 21:58:30 PDT 2001

> On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 10:20:40PM -0600, Felipe Contreras wrote:
> > I've read the last messages in the ml and I'm happy you finally decided
> > start everything again. I've done some work on my own way to get a
> > LFS automatically. I've already mentioned on this ml my scripts that are
> > bash based scripts but no one seems to support them, so here is what I
> > purpose:
> There's _alot_ of ALFS-like systems using bash based shell scripts.

Ok, I didn't knew that.

> Don't feel offended if nobody takes notice, i can't even count how many
> there are (i think i did once.. it was like ~20 and that was 4 months
> ago)
> Actually.. i think those that do end up taking notice, usually just fork
> whatever they start with and write there own after that.

Ok, how good my scripts need to be in order to be noticed?

> But, using bash shell scripts, isn't something the official ALFS
> implementation is going with, instead we are going with XML Profiles :)

I think bash shell scripts are going to be needed at some point. I think
shell scripts can
do the job completly, so why anything else?, do the things as simple as you
can, and no simpler.
XML can be used in anything is cool, but I don't think it is neecesarry at
the user level,
XML is not so complicated but you need special tools in order to parse it.

How are you going to change XML profiles into installed packages?

I think XML should be used in ALFS exaclty the same as it is used in the
XML becomes HTML, TXT, PDF, or whatever, but the user doesn't need openjade
nor any of the necesary tools, the user can download the formated book and
nothing special is needed. So in ALFS we can have XML profiles that get
into usable bash scripts that could work perfectly by themselves without
anything special.

I'm sure there should be ways to install packages withouth using shell
scripts, but
I think the natural way is the most natural :)


Felipe Contreras

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