Some reflexions and a summary

Lederrey Guillaume GLederrey at
Sat Jul 7 07:23:39 PDT 2001

> > There should be an ALFS-HOWTO on,
but I didnt check yet if it is there.
> There isn't.
> > <QUOTE>
> > PS, Would you guys like me to write and post an article about howto get
> > ALFS up and running right now? to give you an idea of what has happened
> > and what ALFS can do? I would post it on the LFS Community
> > (, if so.
> > </QUOTE>
> This was more a question, to see if anyone wanted some very compact
> instructions they could read from start to finish and have ALFS up and
> running without trouble ;)

  I'd like to see this HOWTO, if you have time to write it ...

    Thanks !


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