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Sat Jul 7 04:41:46 PDT 2001

On Sat, 7 Jul 2001 15:13:57 +0200
"Lederrey Guillaume" <GLederrey at> doth wrote:

>   Sorry, I forgot a question :
>   What format should I use to write this summary ?  I know LaTeX pretty
> well, but I can try to learn DocBook, or whatever.  If I dont get any
> answer, I'll move to LaTeX pretty soon ...

	If possible, learning/using DocBook whould be best.  That's what the main
LFS Book is written in, and it seems like a good system.  Specificaly,
it's written using the XML dtd.  i'm also going to use DocBook for the
rest of the ALFS  documentation, starting with the syntax document.



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