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> I'll have to consult my bible again (i do remenber reading something
> about this) and report back.

Example: 50-12
<!ENTITY user "This entity uses &usee;.">
<!ENTITY usee "<em>another entity</em>">

    Example 50-12 is legal because the entity replacement for &usee;
does not take place untill the point where the user entity is

    With one exception (describe below), general entities can only be
expanded in the document instance. So the fact that user refers to usee
is recorded, but the replacement is not immediately done. Later, in the
document insteance, the author will refer to the user entity using the
general entity reference, &user;. At that point, the inclusion of it's
replacement text will trigger the expansion of the &usee; entity
reference and the inclusion of it's replacement text.

    ...keeps going on explaining (Page 750: The XML Handbook, Thrid

So..yeah :D

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