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Thu Jul 5 10:22:01 PDT 2001


On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 10:41:26PM +0200, Lederrey Guillaume wrote:
>   Second, my little thought about the XML profiles.  I've read a few of them (didnt find doc) from the package "ighos-profiles-0.1.tar.bz2".  As they are they look pretty much like a shell script.  It seems that they are 
> just executed line after line.  I dont think we need XML to do that.

No, we don't need XML for what the profiles do right now..but

Then we wouldn't be limited to writting ALFS in shell scripts, we could
not use multiple languages, multiple interfaces and it would mean that
anyone whom is going to write profiles would have to know howto write
shell scripts, instead of a very simple XML syntax.

Anyways, the mail archives are filled with reasons why XML is the better

>   I was thinking about s/t with more distinct sections for different kind of informations.  (I come from Database programming).  Informations about the packages are a very different type of informations about what 
> packages we want to install.  I think we should distinguish the 2 things.  First we define the packages, how to compile them, what packages they depend on, what options we have to compile / install them, ...  
> Then for every profile (or "distribution") we put the list of package we want.  We could even group them by kind of option.  It would be the role of the backend to find the order in which to install everything, based 
> on dependencies.

Yup, that mostly sums it up, long term goal for proper package
management support.

> Jesse seems to want to code ALFS in C / C++.  There are proposals for Python, Java, ...  As there is no one coding for any of those languages right now, no real decision has been taken.

Sure it has, nobody stepped up to continue development of the perl
implementations (a few ppl posted they were interested, but nobody gave
me a commitment) so i've taken it upon myself to just write it in C.

It's what i've been doing for the last week, collecting all the small
pieces together, so all i need todo is just put it all together. (glue
code! J/K!)

> There should be an ALFS-HOWTO on, but I didnt check yet if it is there.

There isn't.

> PS, Would you guys like me to write and post an article about howto get
> ALFS up and running right now? to give you an idea of what has happened
> and what ALFS can do? I would post it on the LFS Community
> (, if so.
> </QUOTE>

This was more a question, to see if anyone wanted some very compact
instructions they could read from start to finish and have ALFS up and
running without trouble ;)

> The BSD License can be found at :
> or a modified version at :

Actually i believe we need to update this modified BSD licence again, to
sync it up to what Gerard uses. (he has a few extra clausses, iirc)


Nice summary thou, it's nice to see this now and then, to remenber what
we talked about, where we are going, the choices we made, etc, gj! =)

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