Some reflexions and a summary

Guillaume Lederrey GLederrey at
Tue Jul 3 03:43:55 PDT 2001

>Your document whould make a nice "README.FIRST.txt" in root dir of ALFS cvs.
>It should have a note at the top explaining that it is a project summery and
>maybe a rough historical timeline.  I think it whould help to answer a lot
>of questions, and would make an excelent "first read" for anyone, user or
>developer, interested in the project.  If you like, I can try to add the
>note at the top and the time line part and add credit that you wrote it :)
>etc...  Is everyone in agreement that this whould be a good thing?

  I certainly agree it is a good thing !  I'm having exams right
now and then I'm going on holyday, so I wont have much time to
finish it before mid-august.  Dont write too much till then so I
can keep up (just kidding).

  It would be helpfull if you write the note and time line part.
 I was thinking of moving this summary to LaTeX as soon as it
would be bigger.  It needs some better structure as well ...

  That's all for me now ...



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