Mechanism for final decision making

Corey Cox sleepnir at
Mon Jul 2 20:35:51 PDT 2001

Well, I hope I won't be brining up an old settled point.  But one of the
problems that I see is this.  I feel we have made some decisions, I think most
of us are in pretty good agreement about them, and I think we're ready to move
to the next steps.  I'm just not sure that we know what decisions we've made
or if anything has been finalized enough to start to move on those things.  So
here is my proposal.  We need a mechanism for making a decision.  After which
it can come up for review, of course, but this allows us to operate with some
direction.  I'm sending this e-mail to ellicit response on this topic.

Here is what I would like to see:  at some point when a reasonable consensus
has been reached "someone" will make an announcement to that effect, note the
threads in the e-mail archive used to arrive at this decision and publish it
somewhere prominent (like a specs doc).  If there is a problem with a decision
the objector should read all of the threadsinvolved and have a good refute for
the arguments used to support it.  In addition they should have a plan of
action for what to do instead.  I think this would keep us from having to
rehash everything multiple times - with the same arguments and getting to the
same conclusions.

I think the summarries that we have seen are a good start - but I think all of
us would like to know that discussion is over.  That is unless good objections
are raised.

Corey Cox.
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