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Nicolas Nieswandt Nicolas.N at
Mon Jul 2 13:53:50 PDT 2001


> I've read the last messages in the ml and I'm happy you finally decided to
> start everything again. I've done some work on my own way to get a working
> LFS automatically. I've already mentioned on this ml my scripts that are
> bash based scripts but no one seems to support them, so here is what I
> purpose:

Is it right, that most ALFS solutions posted here are made with bash ?
Most of the postings are about bash, I'm started to try it with bash too.

I thought of using ncurses with the dialog tool from
the Script-driven curses widgets
	 ( reference from )

> ALFS, can consist of a C backend, and a bash front-end (kind of mine one).
> The key features of my scripts are:
> * Autogenerated scripts.
> ** Easy, natural and fast implementation of new packages (profiles). **
> * Install automatically any package.
> * Fancy working, logs on each step, colors, etc.
> The missing features are:
> * Copy new bash, logout and chroot on an fancy way.
> * Automatically upgrade acording to xml LFS book's commands.
> I've really hard-worked on my scripts and work great for me, I can install
> automatically everything, but unfortunatelly no one has liked this so If
> anyone is interested on this I can clean out my scripts for you and
> them.

I'm very interested in these scripts, i started to clean and adapt "ralfs"
my use. But another point of view could make these scripts better.
Currently my scripts are in a terrible alfa state, because I deleted all
stuff and started to integrate the LFS-commands to reduce work.

As far, my goals in doing LFS automated.

Nicolas Nieswandt --- yagpwb - yust another guy playing with bash

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