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Jason Gurtz jason at
Mon Jul 2 09:10:55 PDT 2001

>   Hello !


>   Second, my little thought about the XML profiles.  I've read a
> few of them (didnt find doc) from the package
> "ighos-profiles-0.1.tar.bz2".  As they are they look pretty much
> like a shell script.  It seems that they are
> just executed line after line.  I dont think we need XML to do that.

Those are the old style profiles.  In fact, the most active discussion right
now is on exactly the syntax to use.  Unfortunatly, this means there is no
real official example right now.  This will change very soon now!

>   I was thinking about s/t with more distinct sections for
> different kind of informations.  (I come from Database
> programming).  Informations about the packages are a very
> different type of informations about what
> packages we want to install.  I think we should distinguish the 2
> things.  First we define the packages, how to compile them, what
> packages they depend on, what options we have to compile /
> install them, ...
> Then for every profile (or "distribution") we put the list of
> package we want.  We could even group them by kind of option.  It
> would be the role of the backend to find the order in which to
> install everything, based
> on dependencies.

Without discussing too much here... ;)  (other threads...)

We are moving towards each package having it's own profile, and also having
a "system" profile that will have dependency stuff.  Of course this is all
still up in ther air, so...

Your document whould make a nice "README.FIRST.txt" in root dir of ALFS cvs.
It should have a note at the top explaining that it is a project summery and
maybe a rough historical timeline.  I think it whould help to answer a lot
of questions, and would make an excelent "first read" for anyone, user or
developer, interested in the project.  If you like, I can try to add the
note at the top and the time line part and add credit that you wrote it :)
etc...  Is everyone in agreement that this whould be a good thing?


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