Some reflexions and a summary

Corey Cox sleepnir at
Mon Jul 2 00:00:24 PDT 2001

Lederrey Guillaume <GLederrey at> wrote:
>   I continued to read the archives.  I begun to make some summary of the
archives.  My english is real bad, so keep that in mind when reading it (if
you do).  I might have not understand well what was in the mails 
> and I maght not have translated it well.  I probably forgot to write down a
lt of thing that are in fact important.  And what i did write is maybe not a
vision shared ba everybody.  Tell me if you find that work usefull and 
> if so I'll finnish it.

This is great - just the kind of stuff we need right now (IMHO).  Everybody -
please give him feedback and corrections.  To me it looks pretty accurate. 
The reason I think this is useful is that I think we need to start distilling
our thoughts into a cohesive document to help us maintain focus.

Corey Cox.
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