Some reflexions and a summary

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Sun Jul 1 13:41:26 PDT 2001

  Hello !

  I continued to read the archives.  I begun to make some summary of the archives.  My english is real bad, so keep that in mind when reading it (if you do).  I might have not understand well what was in the mails 
and I maght not have translated it well.  I probably forgot to write down a lt of thing that are in fact important.  And what i did write is maybe not a vision shared ba everybody.  Tell me if you find that work usefull and 
if so I'll finnish it.

  Second, my little thought about the XML profiles.  I've read a few of them (didnt find doc) from the package "ighos-profiles-0.1.tar.bz2".  As they are they look pretty much like a shell script.  It seems that they are 
just executed line after line.  I dont think we need XML to do that.

  I was thinking about s/t with more distinct sections for different kind of informations.  (I come from Database programming).  Informations about the packages are a very different type of informations about what 
packages we want to install.  I think we should distinguish the 2 things.  First we define the packages, how to compile them, what packages they depend on, what options we have to compile / install them, ...  
Then for every profile (or "distribution") we put the list of package we want.  We could even group them by kind of option.  It would be the role of the backend to find the order in which to install everything, based 
on dependencies.

  Example :

<package name="kde" version="&bash-version;">





[other package definition ...]

<distro name="test_distro">

	<package_group name="standard packages">
		<option name="prefix" value="/usr">
		<option name="optimization" value="speed">

	<package_group name="kde">
		<option name="prefix" value="/opt">
		<option name="optimization" value="size">

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