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Fri Jan 26 22:08:13 PST 2001

On Friday 26 January 2001 16:41, you wrote:
> I don't know about other countries, but in the UK a group is deemed to
> exist as soon as it is distinguishable to people, ie. that there is
> 'perception' of it, and although it's foggy if limited to that, having a
> document describing the existence (a constitution) even if not legally
> witnessed/notarised/whatever is considered definite existence when
> coupled with perception.
> This may not work for anything other than non-registered-charity NPO's
> though, and there are conventions which may or may not be law (anyone
> who knows UK law enough to know their rights knows that it is based on
> assumptions that are not literally provided a lot of the time, and
> convention does the job).

There are some similiar type laws here(US). The reason though we
wanted to go the extra step, was to go beyond 'perception' and leave
no doubt, about the ALFS group. But considering the worldwide legal
aspect, anyone got any suggestions beyond the kde or apache models?

BTW, anyone got a better name??????? 



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