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Fri Jan 26 11:26:53 PST 2001

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On Friday 26 January 2001 06:31 am, Jesse Tie Ten Quee wrote:
> Going with the theme of 'From Scratch' i personally feel that
> documenting the process of making the media bootable is essential, not
> just because it will make maintaning and upgrading life easier, but
> because it is a "black art" to alot of people and requires quite alot of
> trial and error... and that will also bring us the flexibility and
> customization that has made LFS stand out (to me at least)

Most definitely, I am documenting my progress vigorously, so it should be 
quite easy to make a sort of "Mega-Hint" on creating the boot media.  After 
getting the system down to a science I was also thinking of making an 
interactive script to build the boot system.  (i.e. "This script builds the 
necessary boot media to install ALFS from an already installed Linux system.  
You will need the following packages available...  If you want to make a 
bootable CD you will need SYSLINUX, cdrecord...  .... Insert a blank floppy 
now... Insert a blank CD-R now.... yada yada.)

> o Build Environment
<snip a bunch of great thoughts>

> I have no idea if that will makes any sense to half of you, but ask
> away, i'm *still* processing mail so i'll keep and eye out for this
> thread and i'll be on IRC (#LFS/ALFS on if
> y'all have question.

Makes pretty good sense actually.

> PS, vmann (btw, what's your first name?) when you get a chance, hop on
> IRC and we can chat =)

First name is Lyle (yech, I don't like it, tis why I always go by vmann).  
We've talked on #LFS a few times before, I tend to float in and out, spending 
a couple of days hanging out there, and then a few days gone.  I'll be around 
though.  See ya then!

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