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On Thu, Jan 25, 2001 at 10:59:05PM -0800, L Vogtmann wrote:
> Great, I'll get to work!  Where can I get this script?

I first read this yesterday, but i was wasted so i ignored it, untill i
had some sleep =)

<snip />

> I am!  Thanks

This is what id like todo...

Going with the theme of 'From Scratch' i personally feel that
documenting the process of making the media bootable is essential, not
just because it will make maintaning and upgrading life easier, but
because it is a "black art" to alot of people and requires quite alot of
trial and error... and that will also bring us the flexibility and
customization that has made LFS stand out (to me at least)

o Build Environment

    Depends how you would want to go about this... something like this
    would be most flexible (at first, imho);

    - An archive (tarball bzip2/gzip) of a static i386 (or whatever
      arch) of chapter 5 with texinfo and mawk, yet remove glibc and
      leave it to the profile. (aka chapter 6+), aka what Gerard is
      doing in LFS-3.0

    This isn't anything special about an archive like this, but let me
    show you how it can be flexible.


    o Floppy/Network (FTP/HTTP)
        - partition
        - format
        - setup networking
        - wget the archive
        - untar archive in new partition
        - wget the packages needed for the profile.
        - start ALFS, where you would chroot right away and build Glibc
          as your first package, chapter 6, tc..
        - you know the rest.


        - partition
        - format
        - untar archive in new partition
        - start ALFS, where you...
        - you know the rest.

With such a setup, it would be easy to support different media.

    o Zip
    o LS-129 (Superdisk)
    o Network (bootp)
    o etc..

Using a build environment like so, would not need to rely on any certain
media, nor is it very complex, KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and as long
as the instructions are given on howto recreate and customize the media,
users and developers could go in any direction, and it would speed up
compile time by quite a bit, considering the first half is done and
parallel builds could happen.

There are alot of tools that can make are life easier, Busybox,
TinyLogin, Ash, Diet libc, uGlibc, iproute, nano, e3, Pump, sash, etc..
my only consern would be for the backend/frontend programs and libraries
on what they would need (especially when you look at the backend now,
Perl, it's modules, expat, but i we could make an single
binary/executable out of it no?), dunno.. someone please enlightenment
me =)

Now.. this is only one way, i personaly feel it has been the most
flexible and easist to customize that i've found yet, but.. i know there
is a better way, which is problably better, which is why i'm always open
to suggestions and new ideas =)

I have no idea if that will makes any sense to half of you, but ask
away, i'm *still* processing mail so i'll keep and eye out for this
thread and i'll be on IRC (#LFS/ALFS on if
y'all have question.

PS, vmann (btw, what's your first name?) when you get a chance, hop on
IRC and we can chat =)

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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