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Thu Jan 25 22:59:05 PST 2001

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On Thursday 25 January 2001 01:38 pm, Bryan Dumm wrote:
> Yea a bootable cd would be good. Find out if David has his install
> script put together, so you could use that also.

Great, I'll get to work!  Where can I get this script?

> I figure the cd would need
> package tarballs
> profiles wanted
> alfs enviroment. (this I am still not sure what all is/is not needed)

I have done some preliminary thought on that.  The package tarballs 
definitely should be part of the CD image, but I was also thinking that a 
"skeleton" tarball with instructions on how to create the CD image with your 
own package tarballs could be made available.  (In case someone wants to use 
newer versions of software.)

Also, default (or popular) profiles could be included in the image, or read 
from floppy (this way users could easily use their own profiles later, and 
possibly include more information for the install program.  i.e. install 
program not needing to ask which profile to use, just automatically use the 
profile specified in a "run" file on the floppy)

Alfs environment... ah, this one will take a little experimenting I'm sure.  
I'm assuming the first versions of ALFS will use perl for the engine, so 
we'll need that for sure.  (Depending on the answer to my question below.)  
Disk utils like fdisk, parted, fips... to prep the target HD.  Later on I'm 
sure we'd like to be able to facilitate network installation, so network 
clients (but that's later, no harm in planning ahead though.)

> I think you could make the enviroment like you would your LFS,
> and then just burn that who directory, make the cd boot off that
> enviroment? If you can get that install script, then boot off of that?

I don't think we'd need a full LFS system, busybox works very well for my 
utility disks, and static utils to save space on libc (though this isn't much 
of a problem with a /usr filesystem on the CD.)  Don't really need syslog (or 
init, or getty....)

One question though (shoot me if this has already been answered earlier), 
will ALFS be done in two stages (like the LFS book, out/in chroot)?  Or will 
it dump a static LFS build environment onto the disk and then compile from 
that?  Either way is possible, but the dump type would require very little of 
the CD system.

> Have fun.

I am!  Thanks
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