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Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Sun Jan 7 00:23:49 PST 2001


We are looking for some backend suckers, I mean testers :). 

I got to warn you up front, this is dangerous code, it has some
evil things like a rm -rf in it and we could always overwrite 
all of your system files. 

I ran these profiles numerous times now, and I have not had
any of the above happen to me, and everything worked out
exactly as it was suppose to but we all know who murphy is.... 

Now that I have probably scared people away, whomever is
left, go check out

and the ALFS/backend directory.

There you will find alfs, chap4, chap5, and chap6. 

These should be fairly self explanitory I hope. :) 

The magic command to use is 

perl -MFile::Basename alfs <profile>

Yea I know that looks real ugly, but we have to do that 
for the moment, until we get our chroot/module use details
worked out. Inside of chroot not all things are present and 
the line noise helps us kludge that for the moment. It's really
only needed for chap6, and you could chmod alfs and use 

../alfs <profile> 

for chap4 and chap5. 

now the only things you should really care about is

do you want debuging on or off. I would suggest on(default is on)
for the first time or two, but after that, you will get tired of pressing
y all the time. This is right at the top of the alfs script and all you have
to do is change it from yes to no. I believe we are planning on turning
this into an Entity as well...

OK the most important thing, is Entities. Entities in xml are like variables
in programing languages. The Entities in alfs are the following

<!DOCTYPE entities [
<!ENTITY partition "/dev/hdb4">
<!ENTITY LFS "/mnt/lfs">
<!ENTITY packages_dir "/usr/src/lfs-sources/">
<!ENTITY swap-partition "/dev/hda2">
<!ENTITY arch "i686">
<!ENTITY hostname "lfs">
<!ENTITY builddir "/usr/src">

So far the most important ones are "partition, LFS, packages_dir, arch, and 
builddir". The others haven't been used _yet_. I think they should be fairly
self-explanitory, but

parition = your clean parition
LFS = the $LFS variable from the book
packages_dir = where your tarballs are stored
swap-parition = not used
arch = your machine's architechure
hostname = not used
builddir = where the packages are untarred and then compiled in

Note that we have no automated method of moving your sources from 
non-chroot to the chroot enviroment at this time. Also note that in chap6
I changed packages_dir="/lfs-sources". I did this because if you do testing
it is easiest to delete the whole dir structure of LFS(ala konqy), and you 
don't want lfs-sources under /usr/src as that will be re-created in chap4
or you'll delete it, etc....

We used the packages from

You should try this from LFS or similiar acceptable enviroment.....
in other words, we don't do gcc options, old gcc's etc. Newer
gcc's I have no idea. BTW you can always make up those profiles
if you wanted, strip everything out but the <alfs> and <chroot> if
applicable. The just rebuild your own <package> element like the 
ones in the profile.

The will be a proper syntax.txt update for writing your own profiles
here soon. The one there now is outdated.

Well have fun testing, please use debuging, and by all means if it says 
something you don't "trust" please say n and not y, or even better ctrl-c. 
If it says 

Removing: /

it will :) 

Have fun,

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