ALFS Progress (was: Re: bash: ./configure: No such file or directory)

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Jan 2 13:08:41 PST 2001

> better late than never... sorry, I was going through a 500 e-mail


I've backwashed too, so let me keep this short and to-the-point. Sorry if I 
sound short with you or rude, I'm just going through serveral hundred emails 
and I want to get them all done by today (else I'll be in more trouble later 
this week)

> 1) Accessibility is necessity.  Once the project reaches a certain


Agreed on and we all felt this as a pain. Current schedule is to have a real 
ALFS website up a running by the end of this week. Along with a working 
backend and profile. The backend should be avaiable in CVS at some point 

> 2) Direction is a goal.  If the project has no goal other than to

Bryan and I have talked about this a lot. During last weekend I was down in 
Ohio to meet with Bryan in real life and we talked quite a bit about ALFS and 
what direction it can go to. I'll leave that up to Bryan if he doesn't mind 
writing something up. We think a like on this, he just has a better way of 
putting it to words.

> 3) Divide and conquer.  The ALFS should be split into coherent parts.

That was one of the first things we have discussed on this list.

Right now we have/will have lists for:
front-end (nothing's being coded yet on that end, so no mailinglist for it 

back-end: alfs-backend at

IPC (interprocess communication): alfs-ipc at - list not 
used yet, will be used soon now that we have working back-end (well mostly 
working anyways)

More lists (groups) will follow as they 'materialize'

> Jesse, damnit, you've got leader oozing from you from what I've seen.
> Stop beating yourself up over this :)

I have not heard anything from Jesse on that one yet, perhaps I missed an 
email from Jesse or Bryan or whatever's happening on that one. So without 
offending Jesse I'm assuming "leadership" over the ALFS project again. I will 
delegate this 'task' again to somebody as I delegated it to Jesse when ALFS 
was started as soon as I've found a suitable person. I won't just 'hand out' 
the ALFS leadership role to anybody. I need to know that person myself and 
have had some dealings with that person. Bryan and I are there up front now 
taking charge of ALFS and getting things rolling. Some day I will step down a 
step or two because I expect to become rather busy in the future with non-LFS 
work. We'll see about that, perhaps it won't be as busy as it looks. There 
are only a few million factors that the 'business' depend on ;)

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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