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Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Sun Jan 21 11:47:48 PST 2001

On Sunday 21 January 2001 21:04, you wrote:
> Finally I've managed to install a docbook building environment (some
> people may still remember me trying back in November...).
> As I volunteered to do a german translation, I know like to how we are
> going to do this. I'd rather wait for a release and translate that,
> instead of dealing with CVS. For further release I could simply diff
> myself through the changes and retranslate any changes.
> Ideas? Comments?
> Hendrik

Umm some items that documentation information can be gathered from 

Website, roadmap, white-paper, etc. 
In cvs, alfs, chap4, chap5, chap6
syntax.txt in cvs whenever it is updated
(updated copy floating in alfs-backend archives)

btw cvs is nice and easy from the web.


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