cvs ci: handlers/ created

Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Wed Jan 24 04:13:40 PST 2001

Reading handler files should be improved a bit, but it works fine for now.
Well, at least for me, do try it.

For creating new tags, just create a file in "handlers/", call it "funny",
edit it and create "tag_funny" subroutine. For example:

	sub tag_funny
		system "echo 'rm -fr /'";
		print "Funny, all my files are gone.\n";

Then add "<funny />" in a profile and your function will be called with
"$elt" as an argument. Of course you can create your own subs in a file, but 
"tag_<name>" is the one that will be called.

BTW, I'll add setenv/unsetenv latter today so we can start 2.4.4 ALFS-ing. :)


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