splitting handlers into files

Bryan Dumm bdumm at bobby.bcpub.com
Thu Jan 18 14:18:21 PST 2001

On Thursday 18 January 2001 20:00, you wrote:
> I got this idea by reading webmin docs and Bryan's ideas for that time
> management application.


> We would have:
> ALFS/backend/alfs
> ALFS/backend/chap4
> ALFS/backend/chap5
> ALFS/backend/chap5
> ALFS/backend/handlers/mkdir
> ALFS/backend/handlers/copy
> ALFS/backend/handlers/move
> etc.
> Main code (alfs) would simple read (do() or whatever) all files from
> "handlers" directory.
> I see two benefits of this:
> o  It would be _much_ easier to maintain a code/tag handlers and adding
>    more stuff in them (error checking for example) would not be that hard
>    or messy.
> o  It could allow easy adding of new tags and their handlers written by
>    somebody else without messing with the main code (think webmin now! :)
> Anyway, tell me your opinions about this one, personally I really think it
> can help us a lot.

I think this is a good idea, except for the chap* profiles. They really should
go into the Profiles directory. I put them there originally to keep them 
seperate from the official "Profile"....

Also helps set up a good model for the future. Just like how webmin is, we 
can create a whole howto set on how to make such an alfs module and
give out a sample one etc.


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