add check to see if alfs is called by user root

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Thu Jan 18 13:43:48 PST 2001

On Thursday 18 January 2001 15:36, you wrote:
> We (bryan and me) just had a hard time figuring out why somebody's lfs
> installation dind't work. Packages compiled but certain programs didn't get
> installed. Turned out those programs are setuid root programs and thus
> require user root to install the package. The person was installing LFS as
> a regular user.
> I'm going to add that note to install LFS as root for best results to the
> book. Perhaps it's an idea as well to have the back-end check if it's being
> called as user root and if not print a warning that some packages will not
> install properly and give the user a choice to contiue or to abort (or
> perhaps the back-end can su to root itself by asking root's password and
> then doing some magic so it continues with root privs?)

just adding a few comments... 

Should we establish some sort of difference in users
ie root vs others or root vs. others each with their own space?
Since I am a real lamer and install everything as root, I have never
really had to investigate the possibility, and I am even unsure on what
would be a non-root program. Something like your favorite mp3 
player? If it is a user app, where is it installed?


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