Updated syntax.txt (was: looking for syntax wor...)

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at highos.com
Mon Jan 15 12:55:50 PST 2001


On Mon, Jan 15, 2001 at 03:08:20PM -0500, atark at thepipeline.net wrote:
> OK, I'm back in action!  I've started makeing updates to the updated
> syntax file.  <hint>I still need CVS access or someone to commit for
> me.</hint>.

Okok, i'm back..i've kinda settled back in, and i'll have CVS fixed and
finished by tomorrow morning (god yesterday i learned why i love and
hate CVS at the same time and the last CVS administrator i knew, took a
week to set it up properlly and bitched the entire time =)

What you can do for me is, give me your desirer CVS username, and a
encrypted password. 

mickey:~$ cat devel/cvs-password.pl
srand (time());
my $randletter = "(int (rand (26)) + (int (rand (1) + .5) % 2 ? 65 : \
my $salt = sprintf ("%c%c", eval $randletter, eval $randletter);
my $plaintext = shift;
my $crypttext = crypt ($plaintext, $salt);
print "${crypttext}\n";

(note: yes, i know this script isn't perfect, but it works fine, so :P,
btw use a new password, as it's transmitted clear-text :)

put that into a file, chmod +x it and run it like so; ./cvs-password.pl
<mypassword>  and email me the encrypted password (highos at highos.com)

I'll be notifing everyone when CVS is fixed with an email, so you will
know when it's safe to commit =)

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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