why my glibc configure failed

David Siegel david.siegel at gmx.de
Thu Jan 11 08:07:38 PST 2001

Hello backend testers,

In chapter 5 the configure script of glibc failed with
the message:

checking LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable... contains current directory
configure: error: 
*** LD_LIBRARY_PATH shouldn't contain the current directory when
*** building glibc. Please change the environment variable
*** and run configure again.

I checked if my LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains a dot.
It was set to "/usr/local/qt/lib:".

The colon at the end is the problem. Bash adds the current dir 
to the path, if it contains an empty field. Check if your
LD_LIBRARY_PATH starts or ends with a colon or semicolon. Also
check that it doesn't contain two separators without anything 
between them.

Hope that helps,

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