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Tue Jan 9 21:50:54 PST 2001

Is the only downside to installchecker/installwatch is that the output
is not formatted to our liking? It should not be that hard to hack it
and get what we are looking for, although it is another package that
would be needed to add to LFS and/or ALFS.  Another issue, is it going
to catch when LFS/ALFS moves files around after "make install".  If I
get a chance I'll try and take a look at it in the next day or so,
unless someone else gets to it first. 


Ron885 the l33t linux d00d wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 January 2001  4:08 pm, Bryan Dumm wrote:
> > find has lots of useful info it seems and is easy to have uninstall
> > find takes a while though
> >
> > installchecker is useful ???
> > installchecker has crappy output and wierd uninstall things
> I think that even tho find does do the job, it could take more than 5 or so
> minutes on a lower end slow system... The 2 took 3 minutes on my 400mhz
> Celeron. With the installchecker, it does get some sort of list of all the
> files somewhere because when it's all done it makes a tar.gz of all the added
> things, so there has to be a file that just lists all the new files.
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