bdumm waves a flag was(Re: make install watcher)

Ron885 the l33t linux d00d ron885 at
Tue Jan 9 21:26:49 PST 2001

On Tuesday 09 January 2001  4:08 pm, Bryan Dumm wrote:
> find has lots of useful info it seems and is easy to have uninstall
> find takes a while though
> installchecker is useful ???
> installchecker has crappy output and wierd uninstall things

I think that even tho find does do the job, it could take more than 5 or so 
minutes on a lower end slow system... The 2 took 3 minutes on my 400mhz 
Celeron. With the installchecker, it does get some sort of list of all the 
files somewhere because when it's all done it makes a tar.gz of all the added 
things, so there has to be a file that just lists all the new files.
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