make install watcher

atark at atark at
Tue Jan 9 19:07:24 PST 2001

After the first find run my system caches mucho info because subsequent
finds take much less time. Also you can created a "timestamp" file and
use the cnewer find option and only run it once.  It will pick up
changed files also, this could be good or bad depending on your personal


Ron885 the l33t linux d00d wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 January 2001  6:56 pm, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> > On January  9, 2001 09:36 am, Bryan Dumm wrote:
> > > Howdy,
> <big snip..>
> Installwatch and this other thing, FileTrace(
> which is a clone... can do what the find thing does w/o taking the time that
> find takes... I timed the find thing and it took 3 minutes total... That
> might not seem like alot, but it still is long when totaled up...
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