cvs ci

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Tue Jan 9 09:42:54 PST 2001

> > > OK. I started updating it, so I'll probably commit it tomorrow.
> It wasn't fun at all. ;)

Yea I am sick of it also. Let's automate that :)

> > I am going to build my first alfs to use tomorrow. So I will double
> > check your commits, and chap4, chap5, to note what's different...
> I have not test it much (chap6), so please try it as soon as you can (I
> have a very slow machine).

I found some errors and made updates. I also made the chroot bash test
in chap6 and it worked fine. BTW check out how I did it as it works but
is it a kludge or the proper way to do this??

> I also made some more changes to the backend, so he needs more testing too.

this seemed to be fine, as I got chap4, chap5, and chap6 to build....
I will be double checking them later, as I boot, maybe make up some 
X and KDE profiles :)


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