more updates

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Sat Jan 6 23:45:37 PST 2001


Well I have built now twice from scratch 


I just now remembered that I didn't do the chroot 
tests of exiting chroot, and then re-entering chroot,
but it should work anyways. If all of chap6 is chroot 
then everything works minus I haven't tested those
non chroot parts, ala bash. 

Please see if you can get it to do the same. You might
notice that in chap 6 I have a new packages_dir called
just /lfs-sources. I figured that I could not test/destroy 
and keep lfs-sources under $LFS/usr/src/lfs-sources as
that gets wiped. $LFS/lfs-sources seemed like the better

Maybe I have been staring at the screen too long, but 
I don't recall any errors. If there is anything you will find
it in the chap profiles with comments at the problem area.

This is what a xml comment is like

You will find everything in CVS, also I started a Credits, License
file that needs fleshed out.

I am sure there are errors, and I noticed the 2.4.2->2.4.3 differences.

Gerard how about maybe let's just push the profile to 2.4.4 and 
start there as the definitive version?????


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