todo list

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Thu Jan 4 03:44:23 PST 2001


Just some ideas of todos I have gathered...

- syntax document needs updated
- profile update to 2.4.3
- alfs advocacy docs need to be sent to gerard, start putting together
- neven's code changes need to be merged
- neven/bdumm incompatibilities need fixed(in code)
- contrib directory for extra scripts like neven needs added
- new code changes need tested up through chap5
- whitespace issues need fixed
- "" xml::twig problems need fixed
- chroot needs to be thought out, coded
- any more error subroutine changes?
- messaging from alfs in general(suppose to be xml based...)
- exploration of Net::Jabber or Jabber in general for messaging
- easy way to make new/future changes to code, tags, etc. and to
  have it implemented quickly instead of by hand....

I am going to be working on that syntax doc, advocacy docs, and 
code merges, incompatibilties today....

I got some chroot ideas, I'll send in another email.

The last one is just a script idea, that I think could make changes
alot easier, quicker...

Anyone wants to work on the others, please feel free, post details


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