neven error/messaging changes

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Thu Jan 4 03:21:55 PST 2001

> About that error stuff...
> I implemented _some_ error checking in _a few_ subroutines.
> It's not much and it's there just for as an example.
> It looks like:
>         if (! chdir $dir) {
>                 return if error($elt, "Unable to change directory to
> $dir.\n"); }
> which is similar to what you proposed in one of your messages.
> But I'll send you the code soon, so you can see it yourself.

Yea what I was thinking is from webmin 

error(message) This function is typically used by CGI programs that process 
the input from a form, to inform the user of invalid input or some processing 
error. It assumes that a global variable called $whatfailed contains the 
first part of the error message, with the parameter being the rest. For 
example :

$whatfailed = "Failed to save user";
if (!$in{'name'}) { &error("Missing username"); }
if ($in{'name'} =~ /a/) { &error("'$in{'name'}' is not a valid username"); }

dunno if any of this would be more useful or not... I might have more 
comments after doing more merging of the code today....


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