by golly part2

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Wed Jan 3 02:38:45 PST 2001

> From the docs, I think this is what we need. I also did a lot of testing
> with some weird and could_cause_problems characters and everything went ok.

sounds dandy and I implemented it....

> > Yea I am still looking, and if you can verify the XML::Parser info being
> > right, maybe we have found a bug(?). Would seem to be a silly one
> > though.....
> Yes, I verified it with XML::Parser and there is no problem with it.
> It translate all of those predefined entities right.
> Maybe we should write to the author of Twig?

Yea let me re-check the docs first, and then we will email... :) thx btw for
the testing.

> > 3.2.17 chroot
> >
> > chroot FILENAME
> >
> > This function does the same operation as the chroot system call - see
> > chroot(2). If successful, FILENAME becomes the new root directory for the
> > current process - the starting point for pathnames beginning with "/".
> > This directory is inherited across exec calls and by all subprocesses.
> > There is no way to undo a chroot. Only the superuser can use this
> > function.
> chroot won't be easy. We would definitely have to do some forking and then
> use "chroot" in the child process. Then, when chroot tag ends, we would
> kill the child and the parent could continue from </chroot> (or some
> value/mark/whatever passed by the child process).
> I'll try writing something that works. :)

hmmm, I got some profile/code ideas also, I'll pass those along soon...


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