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Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Tue Jan 2 18:06:56 PST 2001

> Look in "search_replace_" subroutine in the code that I sent.
> I used something like:
> 	s/\Q$find\E/$replace/g;
> which worked for me.

I'll have to try that out then. I was reading up on Q and E, do you
think we would have any problems using Q&E? It didn't look like 
it but the explanations I read were long for Q&E, looking for other
details, opinions...

> Yes, I noticed that too. IIRC, with XML::Parser alone I didn't have any
> problems. So it's probably something with Twig (a bug?). I didn't find
> anything in the docs.
> For now, we can translate whose few "special chars" ourselves in the
> backend.

Yea I am still looking, and if you can verify the XML::Parser info being
right, maybe we have found a bug(?). Would seem to be a silly one 

> We should definitely have a tag for chroot. Maybe even in the form of:
> <chroot>
> 	Things done in chroot.
> </chroot>
> I'm just not sure yet how to implement it in backend because for exiting
> from chroot we would have to do some forking?

Yes agreed we need a tag. As for implementation, I dunno yet either. 
Here is some fodder from the camel book on chroot...

3.2.17 chroot


This function does the same operation as the chroot system call - see 
chroot(2). If successful, FILENAME becomes the new root directory for the 
current process - the starting point for pathnames beginning with "/". This 
directory is inherited across exec calls and by all subprocesses. There is no 
way to undo a chroot. Only the superuser can use this function.

Bryan Dumm 
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