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Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Tue Jan 2 17:45:30 PST 2001

On Tuesday 02 January 2001 22:27, you wrote:
> > This is broke.... " is not translating " turns it back to "
> How about &quote? (note the e after quot)

no it is " from the books, specs, etc.

I agree with Neven that it is probably XML::Twig, but I haven't 
found the problem yet. In the meantime, a workable kludge is 
to use 

<system_command dir="&LFS;&builddir;/linux">yes <! [CDATA[' "" ']]>| make 

which basically when parsed means, leave the "" alone, don't process it
just hand it off as ""......

Bryan Dumm 
who is Sore Loserman, I want him for president :)

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