auto install, ALFS, etc?

Jason Gurtz jason at
Sat Feb 17 10:05:22 PST 2001

Or can someone point me to what I need for ALFS?  I know thats another group
of lists but it seems to be getting a lot of play in this one.

I have started, but not finished, a ALFS-backend hint type thingy.  It will
be obsoleate as far as the finished product goes, but it should be enough to
get you going. Also, (don't know if U subscribe to alfs-profile) Nicholas
Dille posted profiles based on the LFS-3.0 that is in cvs right now.  So, i
would suggest using and hacking away a bit at them if you want.  The
profiles in the cvs tree are (I belive) LFS-2.4.4 based.  Anyways, here

ALFS-Backend-Hint  (mostly, but not compleatly done/checkedOver/etc...)

(if there is a "#" that means type as root)

1.) install expat (
    # ./configure && make && make install)

2.) # perl -MCPAN -e shell  (hint: make sure you have version 5.6.0+ of
      perl installed on the host system.)

	a.) make sure not to autoconfigure
	b.) defaults should be fine for most questions

3.) cpan> install XML::Parser

4.) cpan> install XML::Twig

5.) cpan> quit

6.) DL: <>

	a.) backend/:

	b.) backend/handlers/:


	c.) profile/:


7.) have all sources in one dir

8.) edit the chap[4,5,6]

	a.) all the <!ENTITY> tags at the top must be what you want/need
	    them to be.

		1.) partition "what yourlfs will be built on"
		2.) LFS "mount point for above ($LFS)"
		3.) swap-partition "what U want as your swap partition"
		4.) packages_dir "where all your tarballs are"
		5.) hostname "hostname of your choice"
		6.) builddir "ALFS will 'tar -[y,z]xvf' into this dir and
		    cleanup when done, so if you're short on space..."

	b.) VERY IMPORTENT!!  check version numbers and whether tar.gz or
	    tar.bz2 and edit the <package> tags and any subtags as

	c.) if you want to use newer versions of things, or want things
	    added, customized to your personal preference, then remember
	    to add relevent <patch> tags, etc... as necessary.


That's all I've got so far, hope it can help some ppl a bit.


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