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Jason Gurtz jason at
Fri Feb 9 16:02:19 PST 2001

06:47PM <Blind_Bard> thanks by the information... do you want to hear my
ideas? :)
<flakework> sure, tho also consider posting to the list some, cause
bdumm/neven may want to
            hear  ;)
06:48PM <Blind_Bard> ok :)
06:48PM <Blind_Bard> the slackware package building
<flakework> actually, the whole package thing is kinda a hot topic at the
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06:48PM <Blind_Bard> works by using an simple shellscript called SlackBuild
06:49PM <Blind_Bard> that compiles all software
06:49PM <Blind_Bard> and create an tarball
06:49PM <Blind_Bard> the advantage on slack's way
06:49PM <Blind_Bard> is that you have an 'skeleton' package
06:49PM <Blind_Bard> already made
06:49PM <Blind_Bard> with the directories
06:50PM <Blind_Bard> that provides the 'building environment'
06:50PM <Blind_Bard> so
06:50PM <Blind_Bard> the alfs could ask for the user
06:50PM <Blind_Bard> some options
06:51PM <Blind_Bard> that would be exported to environment
<flakework> by Building env, you mean like a host system for compiling..?
06:51PM <Blind_Bard> yes
<flakework> ahh, ic
06:51PM <Blind_Bard> in short words
06:51PM <Blind_Bard> we could make
06:52PM <Blind_Bard> an 'wrapper' for the SlackBuild script :)
06:52PM <Blind_Bard> and take only those parts
06:52PM <Blind_Bard> which rely on LFS software
06:53PM <Blind_Bard> sorry my poor english :) this is the idea
<flakework> no, not bad
06:53PM <Blind_Bard> look
06:53PM <Blind_Bard> you could even ask for the user
06:53PM <Blind_Bard> for the processor of the machine
06:54PM <Blind_Bard> type
06:54PM <Blind_Bard> and set compile optimizations
06:54PM <Blind_Bard> like -O9 -fomit-frame-pointer ...
06:54PM <Blind_Bard> (for an i686)
<flakework> =) hehe
<flakework> will you post that to alfs-disscuss?
06:55PM <Blind_Bard> yes :)

more to come from Blind_Bard....


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