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Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Feb 14 13:55:43 PST 2001


> we keep it's source code around, I would suggest add a special
> entity for it
> <!ENTITY linuxdir "/usr/src/"> and then:
> <unpack
> archive="&packages_dir;/linux-2.2.17.tar.bz2">&LFS;/&linuxdir;</unpack>

I like that solution, or better (IMHO) to add <!ENTITY linuxVer "2.4.1"> to
unpack to:

<unpack archive="&packages_dir;/linux-2.2.17.tar.bz2">

and then:

<link dir="&LFS;/&linuxdir;" source="&LFS;/&linuxdir;-&linuxVer;"

How's that sound?

> Btw, i noticed this:
> But LFS and builddir are defined as:
> <!ENTITY LFS "/mnt/lfs">
> <!ENTITY builddir "/usr/src">

I got bit in the butt somehow with this, not realizing it built on the other
one or something wierd.

Here's what works for me anyways:

<!ENTITY partition "/dev/hdc6">
<!ENTITY LFS "/lfs">
<!ENTITY swap-partition "/dev/hdc7">
<!ENTITY packages_dir "/lfs/src/alfs/lfs-sources">
<!ENTITY hostname "tymus">
<!ENTITY builddir "/src/tmp">

builddir i had originaly as "/lfs/src/tmp"  but soon experienced it trying
to use /lfs/lfs/src/tmp.  I suppose there's areason for this later tho,
because you're in the chroot in chap6 and there is no $LFS any more.  In
order to *really* go off of the /  you'd have to go to something like (in
the context of a generic non-modified setup):

<!ENTITY hostBuildDir "/lfs/usr/src">
<!ENTITY buildDir "/usr/src">

I dunno, i guess in this sense this isn't really a big thing, but it seems
more intuitive to me to always specify from the root dir.

or am i just flaked out? ;)


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