eval() or not eval()?

David Siegel david.siegel at gmx.de
Sun Feb 11 19:57:24 PST 2001


> > The strongest drawback of ALFS.pm is, that it seems to require
> > perl 5.6. Another one is that it uses eval() heavily. I will
> > do another rewrite, I think. In the meantime I suggest we switch
> > back to alfs until ALFS.pm is more stable . What do you think?
> although i stumbled across all of the above problems it was nothing that
> couldn't be coped with ;-)
> it worked for as did the earlier versions! anyways ... this is just a test
> version and not a full release. i guess one could not expect to get a
> perfectly working snapshot and that's what we're here for, right?
> the thrill of developing and testing for what we love *g*
> btw is there any reason not to heavily use eval() ??

eval() is allways a little dangerous, because you run a 'unknown'
string as a program. In case of ALFS this doesn't matter, because
a profile can mess up your system anyway. So people must belive us.
At the moment each tag in the profile eval($_) it's code. 
But it's no good coding style to use eval() as often as lets say print()
or my() ;)

> regards
> nic

happy lfscratching,

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