structure of ALFS

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sat Feb 10 10:32:02 PST 2001

> I think I do. So when installing a rpm package (via ALFS XML)
> and rpm database will be created on the fly (converting ALFS-dependancy DB
> to RPM DB) the package install's itselfs (doing whatever RPM does)
> and then the changes in the RPM DB are read into the ALFS DB?
> Do I understand this correctly?

Yes, that's one possibility. Another would be to convert ALFS database to RPM 
and keep it that way if you would choose to do so. That would pretty much 
mean you would replace RedHat's rpm tools with the ALFS tools which 
accomplish the same. The advantage over using ALFS instead of native redhat 
rpm tools is that you should be able to convert back from RPM any time you 
want to 'regular' LFS or DPKG or something. 

> btw: It might be usefull to upload these kind of explanations to the
> alfs-website. At least it would be an basis for documentation.

Such things will be uploaded when our thoughts have matured a little bit 
more. What I wrote you the other day is hardly worth putting up on the 
website. It has to be modified more and explained in more detail. I'm working 
on it in my head and I'll document it when I have something worthwhile.

Gerard Beekmans

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