structure of ALFS

Donnie Roos dr at
Sat Feb 10 00:18:19 PST 2001

At 09:07 AM 2/9/01 -0500, Gerard Beekmans wrote:

<snip explanation of package management (rpm, dep) >

>Exactl details aren't known yet. We haven't entered the package management 
>stage yet. This was an idea that came up a day or two ago. It's mostly in 
>'brainstorm' phase. I hope, though, that you understood the message?

I think I do. So when installing a rpm package (via ALFS XML)
and rpm database will be created on the fly (converting ALFS-dependancy DB
to RPM DB) the package install's itselfs (doing whatever RPM does)
and then the changes in the RPM DB are read into the ALFS DB?

Do I understand this correctly?

btw: It might be usefull to upload these kind of explanations to the
alfs-website. At least it would be an basis for documentation.


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