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Donnie Roos dr at
Thu Feb 8 13:00:20 PST 2001

At 06:28 2/7/01 +0000, Bryan Dumm wrote:

>> How is the package-management going to be set up?
>> Will ALFS build applications from the original source files or will it
>> be more like RPM (binaries with patches included)
>From source primarily is a goal. But Gerard described it best...
>RPM == RPM. DPKG == DPGK. Alfs == rpm 
>== dpkg == whatever else *you* want it to be. 
>Change XML and you can simulate the way RPM 
>works, or the way dpkg works and on. 
>I'll let Gerard explain that, if I just confused you. 

Gerard could you explain it a bit more?
How are dependancies involved in this
Will there be an XML-file for every package or will there just be
one very big chap6

>Knowledge of XML, the more you know the more it make sense.

XML does not seem that difficult but I have never used it so what
do I know :)

>Currently we have coded a backend, alfs app structure in Perl.
>We would like to see other languages making backends/alfs app structures.

I have some knowledge of Perl but never got beyond a simple logfile analyzer.
C I am much better at.

And for some more questions:
How is a user-profile involved. I have looked at profile.xml and chap4
and it makes some sense to me but I can't find anyhting that involves

Could someone explain a "handler" to me?
what is the purpose of these and how do they work
I can see that they are coded in perl but how they work...

How does the code below do anything related to 'postconfigure' ?

<register_tag tagname='postconfigure'>
        my ($self, $elt) = @_;

        if ($elt->att('preload') eq 'yes') {
        print "Entering ", $elt->gi, "...\n";
        return unless $self->to_continue($elt);



Donnie Roos

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