structure of ALFS

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Tue Feb 6 22:28:31 PST 2001

> I would like to help out with ALFS. I have read the information that is
> available on the website and lurked on the lists but not everything is
> clear to me.

Hey, Hey, welcome to the club! :)

> Is there a picture available on how ALFS is supposed to work?
> I have read the messages about backends,frontends and xml-rpc but I don't
> have a clue on how everything is related/connected

Hmm good idea, I will see if I can draw something up, or 
anyone else with a clue, is welcome to try....

> How is the package-management going to be set up?
> Will ALFS build applications from the original source files or will it
> be more like RPM (binaries with patches included)

>From source primarily is a goal. But Gerard described it best...

RPM == RPM. DPKG == DPGK. Alfs == rpm 
== dpkg == whatever else *you* want it to be. 
Change XML and you can simulate the way RPM 
works, or the way dpkg works and on. 

I'll let Gerard explain that, if I just confused you. 

> And the last question for now: what tools are required to work with ALFS?

Knowledge of XML, the more you know the more it make sense.

Currently we have coded a backend, alfs app structure in Perl.
We would like to see other languages making backends/alfs app structures.

> This week I am staying in a hotel so I will read up on ALFS (profiles, XML)
> in the evening. Next week I am taking a month off and hopefully I will be
> able to help out with ALFS.

Great. Looking forward to seeing your contributions.

> Oh, if this is the wrong list for this please tell me so but it seemed the
> most appropriate list.

Yep this is the place.

If you got more questions, please ask.


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