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Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Thu Dec 27 11:08:31 PST 2001

On Wed, Dec 26, 2001 at 11:58:16PM -0600, Felipe Contreras wrote:
> > <group>
> >     <description>
> >         Creating directories in /usr.
> >     </description>
> > 
> >     <commands>
> >         <mkdir>
> >             <base>&LFS;</base>
> >             <dir>usr</dir>
> >         </mkdir>
> > 
> >         <mkdir>
> >             <base>&LFS;/usr</base>
> >             <dir>bin etc include lib sbin share src var</dir>
> >         </mkdir>
> >     </commands>
> > </group>
> > 
> > It could be useful perhaps, but it also could be "too much".
> I like this idea, might be using groups will be at the end the best
> option, but what should be grouped? commands?

Whatever the profile writer chooses. I don't think that parsers should
depend much on this, it could only be an additional usefulness.

> Anyway you missed the
> "name" tag there, so the group can be identified.

True. :)

> > As I said in some other mail, I think it would be nice to separate package
> > information from its building instructions.
> Good, might be with another backend? I don't know, it might be better
> since the information will not be commands.

I'm not sure what you mean with another backend? I was thinking about:



We would have to think some better element names thought.

> > Still at http://sourcer.sourceforge.net, I assume?
> > 0.2.2 was the last one I checked.
> Not really, that's a "parser" for the format of sourcer, but I have been
> working on an ALFS parser. Currently all exept one "tag" are parsed, but
> it's not functional since it just outputs all the commands parsed. If
> some kind of "grouping" is used in the official ALFS format the I can
> make it usefull.

As I said, you really shouldn't depend on that grouping or anything similar.
Could you send what you have? I'm curious to see what the problem is.


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