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R. Bosch at
Sat Dec 22 17:32:41 PST 2001

On Friday 21 December 2001 04:13, you wrote:
> Lo all, I am going to be building a LFS system soon. I just wanted to know
> how I could make a cd bootable and have the cd gunzip a package into a
> ramdisk. As to create an installation envirnment.......

As for myself, I made a bootable disk (with bootdisk-HOWTO an bootcd-hint).
The FULL LFS installation running on a CD.
Keep in mind that the full installation is installed on iso instead of ext2/3 
or reiser!

I can also use it as a rescue disk when I screw up.

Just read the documents given above and experiment with a CD-RW. Maybe I come 
around to build one again ;-).
I'm even considdering compressed iso since I think the bootimage isn't 
compressed (important for BIOS/grub ).
If someone knows about running Xfdev I could try running X (Windowmaker). I 
then might try a disk that i can cary around to every computer ;-)

The disk uses grub to boot and a shm-disk for data that needs read/write.
My addons are lynx and mc.

Have fun and good luck!!


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