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Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Thu Dec 20 14:59:21 PST 2001

On 2001.12.19 23:49 Jason Gurtz wrote:
> > > Is that the LibXML that started with the gnome project?
> > >
> >
> > Yup thats the one, it has a perl interface called, big surprises,
> > XML::LibXML.
> 	Just wondering, 'cause I had heard some not nice things said
> about the
> maintainer of that recently (good things about the SW it's self thou).
> 	Really hate to ask this...but...what kind of licensing issues
> come up
> when an external Lib is used, since AFAIK the Perl ALFS is BSD'ed?
> ~Jason

Actually I was asking about this a little while ago, in November I 
believe. The perl alfs was basically unlicensed, ie there wasn't one to 
speak of. Neven said he thought the BSD was going to be used, Matthias, 
suggested the GPL for more protection, so as Neven was the only original 
author who piped in and didn't seem sure i said i'd put in the GPL, though 
that hasn't occured yet. Since then David (Siegel) said he's fine with the 
GPL. Just to be certain i'll email direct everyone i can to get an 
'official' response before doing anything, only problem is I haven't heard 
Brian Dumm or Jesse Tie Ten Quee around recently, i know Jesse was 

Back to the point, libxml is LGPL, so there really isn't a problem, if i 
understand it right you can link to that code even from proprietary stuff.

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