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Paul Campbell paul at
Thu Dec 20 04:10:40 PST 2001

Mark Ellis <mark.uzumati at> wrote:
> Therefore i'm giving _very_ serious thought about switching 
> from XML::Twig to LibXML.  

Again excuse my newbie'ness (to XML) but, what about Xerces?  It is the w3c's
very own, I think.  It has both C++ and Perl APIs.  The perl modules apparently
just gives you control over the C++ API from perl.  It was just my small hunt
for XML APIs that lead me to it. I have been using xerces for Jxalan, to so
XSLT transforms.  (Means you get XPath I believe, and DOM trees to play with)  
That would save a lot on if depths.  Again, though, my programming knowledge 
is weak in C[++].

Also.  Using LibXML, is a little naughty.  The site says, something like.
""Unless you are foreced to do so by an old application linking against LibXML
you should NOT use it. Use LibXML2 instread.""

A side note about the V1->V2 XSLT.  Do you think there is much point in
tracking done the few remaining problems?  I have converted all my profiles,
and there are only one or two minor issues.  The most serious is the multiple
configure/make/make install packages, but I think there are not very many of
those and it's easy fixed by hand.  Ex: zlib.  I don't think there are any in
the base system.

I'm off to see about CVS.

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